Photo Guidelines

Photo Checklist:

*The more photos you include from the list below the better your chances of selling your equipment quickly!

Wide profile shot of machine from both sides

Hitch/front of machine including...

  • In-feed throat (Horizontal Grinders)

Rear of machine including...

  • Discharge (phase 2) conveyor up and down
  • Discharge belt
  • Mag head pulley

Mill, free of debris

Tub (if grinder) interior and exterior including...

  • Rollers
  • Chain

Control panel including remote if possible


  • Hour Meter
  • Serial # or Model #
  • Hydraulics

Compressor, radiator, and fan

Tires (tread and side)

Video Checklist:

*Please include the shots mentioned above in your video

Take a video of your machine starting on one side and walking all the way around (clockwise or counterclockwise)

Stop recording and start your machine to warm it up

Begin recording again and use the video to show your machine in operation

  • Record the material you are grinding before you process it and after
  • Be sure to announce the material you are processing and the screen size you are using

Tips for Success:

  • Capture pictures and video when the sun is high in the sky to avoid confusing shadows
  • Photograph/record your equipment in an environment free of clutter, weeds, and other objects or structures
  • Clean your machine