"To Whom it May Concern:

I was very pleased with the service that I received when working the sales rep at Apollo Equipment. They did a fabulous job in aiding me in the sale of my Rotochopper.

Sam H."

"Hi all,

I spoke with a sales rep today about a Diamond Z machine.  He was very helpful and gave me lots of information that I needed to help a customer of ours.  Just wanted to touch bases with your company and give your guy some recognition.  In the future, if I’m looking for equipment, I will use your business.

Nick R."

"Dear Lainy,
I have been in business over 30 years and I recognize professionalism when I see it.  I recently have engaged in a new business venture creating mulch from brush material.  When I first entertained this business venture I had limited knowledge of the industry and equipment.  
Your salesman, was very knowledgeable and extremely patient as he educated me on the various applications of tub grinders and vertical grinders.  This dialogue lasted several weeks wherein that time he was never pushy but was supportive.
I ultimately chose a Vermeer HG200 grinder.  Upon selecting the grinder he initiated a phone conference with the previous owner in New Hampshire, which put my apprehensions to rest.  In business, I am a firm believer in the motto, “follow up the follow up”.  He followed up when I sent the payment while he was on his own vacation to make sure the transaction was complete for both parties.  Along with this, he, ensured that the transportation of the grinder was handled.  He then contacted me once I received the grinder to see if my expectations had been met.  
I want to let you know, as the owner of the business, that my expectations were exceeded by your salesman’s professional approach.  Not only did he make a sale he more importantly has made a relationship.
Michael G. M."

"Just a quick thank you note. I recently contacted Apollo Equipment to sell a used grinder for me. The attention I received from your staff was remarkable. Customer service, in any business is a key element and Apollo took very good care of me. I tend to be a very 'particular' client at times, but your staff always treated me with a level of respect and professionalism that I very much appreciate. Not only did Apollo sell the grinder for me, but I strongly felt that your team 'went the extra mile' to do so. Thank you. I look forward to future business with you."

"I purchased a Trommel that I located on Apollo Equipment.net. Having scoured the local papers & internet (in Canada) I found that Apollo equipment was able to locate and secure the piece of equipment that was within in my price range. I was in time crunch and Apollo was able to fast track the sale for me, and help with all the matters related to importing the equipment back to Canada. I was very impressed with the kind, courteous help as they did provide excellent support outside of business hours. Because of this, when I make any future heavy equipment purchases, the first place that I am going to call will be Apollo Equipment."