Frequently Asked Questions



1. Q: How much does advertising my equipment cost (NO COST TO YOU!)A: There is no cost to you!  Our Listing Specialist will work with you on obtaining the necessary information for us to properly advertise your equipment, including placing your equipment listing on our #1 rated websites, our email e-blasts, social media and many other heavy equipment marketing methods that we are extremely successful with. We cover all the bases at NO COST TO YOU, so you don't have to! Together, we discover the best asking price for your equipment based off your input and the information you provide to our Listing Specialist. When we find you a qualified buyer, our Equipment Specialist will contact you and present the offer. Our Equipment Specialist will gather additional information if needed, schedule demos or even arrange for transportation from your location. We are your committed partner all the way through the entire process! If you have more questions feel free to call us Toll Free at 1-800-982-2844 or click the "Contact Us" button on our main menu and your questions will be answered promptly. 
2. Q: How long will my equipment be advertised?A: There is no time limit! We will market and advertise your equipment until it sells. One of our Listing or Equipment Specialist will contact you at every so often to make sure the equipment is still available and to update any of the details that may assist us in properly marketing your equipment to buyers. If at any point you decide you no longer wish to sell your equipment, please contact us so that we may remove it from our availibility database, websites and marketing.
3. Q: How many photos can I put in the ad?A: The more photos...the better!  If you are selling a grinder, please make sure to get photos of the mill and hour meter reading if at all possible.  Most photos are enhanced and any contact information in the photo will be removed.  VIDEOS are becoming one of the most effective marketing methods for showing your equipment in the best possible manner. Call us for our tip sheet on how to make a great video so we can get your equipment sold quickly.
4. Q: I don't have a digital camera...what should I do? A: If you can't find one, mail your photos to our office address or send in a disposable camera containing your photos.  We also can provide a Flip video camera with return postage for your video or send you a disposable camera as well.
5. Q: What kind of information should I put in my ad?A: Call us toll free at 800-982-2844 or click the "List for Free" button on our main menu to have a listing form sent to you.  We use this form to gather all of the necessary information we need to list your equipment. Click here to print - fill out - fax this form (Fax: 727-585-3499)

Please be sure to keep a copy of your forms for your records in case, for some reason, your forms do not reach us.
You will receive a confirmation within 24 - 48 hours of receipt of your forms and photos. If you do not receive confirmation, please call us at 800-982-2844 or resubmit your forms and/or photos.

Are you having problems with the pdf form?  Please be sure to download the latest Adobe Reader.
6. Q: How do I get started?A: Call us toll free at 800-982-2844 or click the "List for Free" button on our main menu to have a listing form sent to you.  We use this form to gather all of the necessary information we need to list your equipment.
7. Q: What if I don't see a category that would fit my equipment? A: No problem!  We can create a category just for you! Most of our equipment is wood recycling equipment or support equipment to the wood recycling and biomass industries.
8. Q: Who will see my ad?A: Your ad will be displayed on three different areas of our website:  Our homepage (if it is a wood grinder), a category page, and its own page.  Each of your pages are optimized for top search engine results (i.e. Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc.).   We also have our existing customers who check our website regularly when they are looking for specific equipment.  We advertise monthly in Waste Handling Equipment News (WHEN) magazine as well as weekly in Machinery Trader (both publication and website).
9. Q: How do I make changes to my ad? A: Please call our toll free number 800-982-2844
Our webmaster is on-site and available at the following times:
Monday through Friday
9:00AM to 5:00PM (Eastern)
8:00AM to 4:00PM (Central)
7:00AM to 3:00PM (Mountain)
6:00AM to 2:00PM (Pacific)
10. Q: How soon will I be able to pick up my equipment once it’s paid for?A: Many times the same day the funds are wired.  Sometimes it can take up to 5 days to have a lien removed.
11. Q: How much does it cost to sell my equipment through Apollo Nothing, Apollo makes its money by selling it for more than the seller agrees to sell it for.
12. Q: How much does it cost to buy my equipment through Apollo Nothing, your purchase price includes the equipment at the sellers’ location.  The buyer can choose to arrange freight themselves or Apollo can help arrange freight for you.
13. Q: How will Apollo get me the best price for my machine?A: Apollo has been a leader in the used wood waste recycling industry for over 14 years.  Not only does Apollo market directly to the 7000+ grinder owners/operators of Grinder Wear Parts, Inc.  They also have the most viewed wood recycling web site on the internet.  That means we get your equipment in front of the people that have interest in it.  The more potential buyers, the higher the price we can get for your equipment.
14. Q: What if my equipment has issues but I still want to sell it?A: Either fix the issues or clearly state what the problem is.  Don’t try to hide equipment problems.  This could result in your listing being rejected by Apollo
15. Q: How can I tell how much life I will get out of a used engine?A: The buyer can arrange to have an oil test run on the engine and hydraulic system to check for contaminates.  Although this will not insure the life of the machine, it will rule out some potential major issues.  If it is an electronic engine, the manufacturer can get an electronic reading on the machine.
16. Q: How can I tell how many frame hours are on the equipment?A: We rely on the sellers information on this.  It is in the buyers best interest to inspect the equipment themselves.
17. Q: How do I know that I will get a good piece of equipment?A: Apollo does it’s best to get all the information about the equipment from the seller.  It is up to the buyer to visit the equipment.  The seller (or associatates) will be happy to demo the equipment for a qualified buyer.  It will be up to buyer to determine if the equipment will meet their standards.
18. Q: What is the production rate?A: Production rates will vary according to machine type, size, engine horsepower, screen size, material being ground and operator experience.
19. Q: How much will my wear parts cost?A: Wear parts cost is directly related to the amount of material being ground as well as the hole size of the screen, the contaminates in the material and the material being ground.  Grinder Wear Parts, Inc., our sister company, is the biggest aftermarket factory direct supplier of grinder wear parts.  They can help keep your costs down.
20. Q: Where is the equipment located?A: Grinders are located throughout the US and Canada.  We will be glad to give the general location of the machine.
21. Q: When will Apollo tell me exactly where the equipment is located?A: Once the client has signed the buyers agreement.
22. Q: What if I signed the buyers agreement and, after inspection of the equipment, decide not to buy it? Can I get out of the agreement?A: Yes
23. Q: What if there are multiple buyers for the same piece of equipment?A: We will look at multiple offers from qualified buyers.  Once a price is agreed upon, the buyer must wire funds to Apollo immediately.  If funds are not received in full by the agreed upon timeline, the next buyer can purchase the equipment.
24. Q: If there are liens on the equipment are they removed?A: Yes, Apollo does a lien search and guarantees all liens are removed before the equipment leaves the sellers location.  If they cannot be removed within 7 days of purchase, the buyer will receive a 100% refund of the purchase price.  Typically liens are removed within 24 hours.
25. Q: How do I pay for my equipment?A: You must wire funds to Apollo
26. Q: Apollo has just sold my equipment, when do I get paid?A: Apollo runs a final lien search.  If there are no liens, we will immediately wire the funds to the seller after we receive the funds from the buyer.
27. Q: What if Apollo has just sold my equipment and I need to get a lien removed?A: It will be up to the seller to payoff the lien before Apollo releases funds.  If you are working with a bank, please have them email or fax Apollo a release of lien authorization.
28. Q: How much will freight cost?A: Freight costs vary on equipment size and distance to be transported.  We work with numerous carriers to get the best quote available.
29. Q: Is the equipment ready to transport?A: See the equipment listing.  Any equipment that has not had the tires changed for over 5-8 years may not be road worthy enough for a cross country trip.
30. Q: Does the equipment require an oversized permit?A: Each state has its own requirements.  We will give you the OEM weights and sizes for the equipment you are interested in.  Sometimes used equipment no longer meets the factory sizes.