2014 General Kinematics DS-F Classifier

2014 General Kinematics DS-F Classifier

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Product Overview

2014 General Kinematics DS-F 48x19.5 De-Stoner Classifier - Electric Engines - 3hp 720 RPM, 20HP Blower, 5HP Conveyor - 3-phase 480 Volts - De-Stoner / Air Sifter / Screener - Very Good Condition

Offered At: Less than $95,000

Product Details

Make: General Kinematics

DS-F 48x19.5 De-Stoner Classifier


Electric 480V 3-Phose

3hp (De-Stoner), 20hp (blower), 5hp (conveyor)

 Stationary, Dry System with vibratory action and high velocity / low air pressure. Air streams fluidize and stratify material according to difference in terminal velocity of particles to remove heavy items such as glass, metallics, stones, dirt, etc. Lighter materials are removed through air exhaust on stationary hood over discharge. 


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