PRS Group Stringer Sizer Pallet Machine

PRS Group Stringer Sizer Pallet Machine

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Product Overview

PRS Group Stringer Sizer Pallet Machine - Electric Engine 3-Phase 240v - Stationary - Good Condition

Offered At: Less than $16,000

Product Details

Make: PRS Group

Stringer Sizer

Electric 3-Phase 240v


This pallet machine sizes wooden pallet stringers that are inconsistent in height by cutting the uneven 2”x4” type stringers with specialized nail cutting carbide cutters to make the stringers the same uniform height.

Uniform recycled materials are fast becoming a must and this system is perfect. The Stringer Sizer has a special nail cutter head to cut through both nails and wood to produce a consistent, higher quality stringer. The Sizer improves the wooden pallet re-manufacturing operation to a more efficient, profitable and higher quality recycled pallets. This machine will make you money!

The Stringer Sizer is a stand-alone unit designed for re-manufacturing and new operations that can multiply pallet production with consistent stringers. The Sizer can automatically feed into a bin and be easily moved to making pallets. Stringers from the dismantlers can be continually fed into the Sizer's Hopper System without creating any more effort on the dismantler. This allows for increased quality stringer height consistency with about the same effort handling of both operations successfully.

The Sizer chain feeds through the machine and makes a great companion to any automatic pallet nailer, especially a Viking Nailer.   


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