Tub grinders help tornado clean up efforts

Posted on: Aug 10, 2017 - 03:20 PM | General
Author: Staff
A Maryland community comes together after Tornado rips through, with a Tub Grinder from Maryland Environmental Service helping the effort by processing over 25,000 cubic yards of debris. 
Public Works Director Todd Mohn said, “As everybody knows, our public works crews, the residents, the volunteers, the contractors have been down here since last Monday working very hard to clean up the impacted area hit by the tornado Our main focus to date has been to get the trees, the limbs and all the stumps out of there and cleaned up.”

Using a tub grinder from Maryland Environmental Service, they’ve been grinding material at the Batts Neck Transfer Station, Mohn said. At that point, they had ground up 25,000 cubic yards of material and removed 30 tractor-trailer loads of mulched material, he added.

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