How to Improve Your Horizontal or Tub Grinder with DURAMAX Tungsten Carbide Tips

Posted on: May 09, 2018 - 07:00 AM | Tub & Horizontal Grinder Wear Parts
Author: Staff
Using Inferior Wear Parts Hurts Your Grinder’s Longevity
Replacing parts on your tub or horizontal grinder is a necessary part of any business that requires wood waste recycling.  If you aren’t using carbide tips for your horizontal and tub grinders, you’re wasting money.  Carbide tips allow for the best balance between bite and wear.  By using anything else, you’re causing your grinder wear parts to wear out sooner.  Not only will those parts without DURAMAX carbide tips wear out faster, but parts next to those that are worn out will also get torn up quickly.  To learn more about using DURAMAX carbide tips to get the most out of your tub and horizontal grinder, we sat down with tungsten carbide tip customization expert Wayne Brown.

Using DURAMAX Carbide Tips for Tub and Horizontal Grinders
What is carbide?
Tungsten carbide, often just called carbide (though there are other rare types of carbide), is a metallic alloy.  It is three times as hard as steel, extremely hard, and has a melting point of over 5000° F.  This means that carbide tips for horizontal and tub grinders can withstand the wear and tear that grinder parts go through far better than any other metals.  This also means that tungsten carbide tips will cut down on how often you’ll need to spend money on replacement parts. The DURAMAX carbide process actually is a researched and proven mixture of different sized granules of carbide welded onto a specifically designed based forging to give you maximum performance and wear resistance.
Why should you use tungsten carbide tips for a horizontal or tub grinder?
DURAMAX carbide tips provide the best balance of bite and wear that you can get in wear parts.  Using a carbide tip manufacturer to replace your wear parts will extend the life of your tub and horizontal grinder, require fewer replacements, and get the maximum efficiency out of your grinder. It is also critical to have the correct hardness of the base FORGING  of the tip/insert. This will allow the carbide to bond properly with the forging which is not to hard to be brittle or soft to not be wear resistant.
What models of tub and horizontal grinders can use DURAMAX carbide tips?
With the right carbide tip manufacturer, tungsten carbide tips can be used on almost any tub or horizontal grinder.  Factory direct carbide tips can be manufactured for Diamond Z, CBI, (Continental Biomass Industries), Peterson Pacific, Morbark, Duratech, W.H.O., Bandit Beast, Hogzilla, Rotochopper, Toro, Olathe, or Vermeer.  No matter who your original equipment manufacturer is, you can get tungsten carbide tips that extend the life of your tub or horizontal grinder.
What carbide pattern should I choose?
We have found that the easiest way to determine what carbide pattern is best for any grinding operation is to inspect their used tips/inserts and look for where they have worn the most prior to being changed out. Most often the tip/insert will wear mostly on the four corners; hence often we recommend a pattern which reflects protecting the four corners and the top/bottom face & ends. This optimizes the use of the tungsten carbide without wasting it on areas which do not have significant wear. There are exceptions due to the type of material being ground and personal preferences which always have to be taken into account.

Talk to the Expert Factory Direct Supplier of DURAMAX Tungsten Carbide Tips
If you want to get the most out of your tub or horizontal grinder, look into using tungsten carbide tips on your wear parts.  Using an extremely strong metal alloy, tungsten carbide tips for tub and horizontal grinders can prolong the life of your wear parts and of the grinder as a whole.  This means replacing your wear parts less often while also getting better “bite” from your parts.  An expert carbide tips supplier can help you customize the exact parts you need to maximize your machine’s performance.  To learn more about DURAMAX carbide tips or to talk to the tungsten carbide expert Wayne Brown or any of our Parts Specialists at or call 800-982-2844.