How much does advertising my equipment cost? (NO COST TO YOU!)

Posted on: Apr 05, 2019 - 01:00 PM | Selling Recycling Equipment
Author: Staff
There is no cost to you!  Our Listing Specialist will work with you on obtaining the necessary information for us to properly advertise your equipment, including placing your equipment listing on our #1 rated websites, our email e-blasts, social media and many other heavy equipment marketing methods that we are extremely successful with. We cover all the bases at NO COST TO YOU, so you don't have to!

Together, we discover the best asking price for your equipment based off your desires, market trends, availibility and the information you provide to our Listing Specialist. When we find you a qualified buyer, our Equipment Specialist will contact you and present the offer, they gather additional information if needed, schedule demos or even arrange for transportation from your location.

We are your committed partner all the way through the entire process! If you have more questions feel free to call us Toll Free at 1-800-982-2844 or click the "Contact Us" button on our main menu and your questions will be answered promptly.