Product Profile - Hogzilla HC 1462

Posted on: Mar 21, 2016 - 06:00 AM | Recycling Equipment University
Author: Wayne Brown
Hogzilla HC series grinders have the ideal combination of features, portability, and large-scale production capabilities to meet all of the needs of large industrial grinding operations.  While manufactured with heavy-duty components for large-scale production, they maintain a low profile and sleek design.

The HC series is equipped standard with a Hydraulic Coupling drive to eliminate the common repair hassles of dry clutch and protect the engine from torsional shock.

The HC-1462 has three models – HC-1462P (original portable), HC-1462L (with a loader) and HTC-1462T (track machine).
They come with a CAT, Cummins, or Detroit engine, with horsepower ranging from 760 to 1,000. The Hammermill is 31” x 62” and there is an optional torque converter drive.  There is a Radial 30 degree Stacking Elevator, a Radiator Precleaner, and an Air Compressor.  You can choose between a Northshore or 180E Prentice Loader, when you choose the loader option – and the tracks are self-propelled.
The Hammer Swing is 31” – 62”, the Screen Area is 3,813 Sq In., the Screen is 1” thick, the 28 hammers each weigh 50lbs, the 8 rods are 2”, the tub width is 14’, and the total weight is anywhere from 85,000 to 108,000lbs, depending on the optional features selected.