How to Prevent Erosion of Cleared Land with Mulching Equipment (Tub & Horizontal Grinders), Machines & Parts Supply

Posted on: Apr 05, 2017 - 06:00 AM | Market Trends
Author: Wayne Brown
Erosion Can Ruin the Value of Land
Clearing land for construction, home and commercial development, or simply for safety, often requires the removal of large trees, brush, and undergrowth.  Yet, simply stripping the land can leave it vulnerable to erosion and pollution.  Leaving underbrush isn’t a good option, and laying sod can be expensive and impractical in many circumstances.  Also, if you’re working in the south in the summer, grass often refuses to grow or stays brown and ugly.  There is a better option: Mulching.  Not only does mulching solve the issue of disposing of organic waste without paying to haul it offsite, but it also prevents damage to the land from erosion.
Erosion can be an expensive problem.  On land that has been stripped clean of plant growth, all it takes is one heavy rainstorm to completely change the drainage pattern on the land.  Silt fences aren’t enough.  Once the drainage pattern of the land is different from what it needs to be, erosion occurs faster and you’ll probably need to pay to bring in more dirt and to have it re-leveled.  That can all be easily prevented by mulching and talking to the best mulching parts supplier to get the most out of the process.  Your land will also look better than before.

Using Mulching Equipment to Protect your Land such as Tub & Horizontal grinders:
  • Benefits of Mulching: There are many benefits to mulching.  First, it is an excellent way to prevent erosion on cleared land that can create headache after headache on a job sites.  It also means that you won’t have to pay to have the bulk of organic, mainly wood, waste created by clearing land shipped to and dumped in a landfill.  Instead, that wood waste gets recycled in an environmentally responsible way.  Mulch also helps to suppress the growth of weeds and maintain high moisture levels in the soil. That can’t be done, of course, without mulching equipment supply.
  • How Mulching Works: A landscaping company or any company that regularly deals with clearing large amounts of wood waste and brush should have a large tub or horizontal grinder with the best mulching equipment parts.  Simply, wood waste is fed into the grinder, which shreds it into small pieces.  Those small pieces are mulch.  Sometimes, the mulch is treated or colored when it is bagged and resold.  For a construction site, all it takes after the shredding is to lay the mulch out on the land you want to prevent erosion on, or shipping it to someone who wants to buy mulch.
  • The Machinery: A tub or horizontal grinder is basically a giant wood chipper.  For tub grinders, whole trees are placed into a tub many feet across, and gravity pulls the trees into the grinder.  From there, a conveyor belt carries ground mulch out to be piled and used.  Horizontal grinders are the same, but trees and other wood waste are fed from a side rather than dropped in from above.  The interior of a grinder can take a beating from all of the wood it shreds and from regular wear and tear, so it is important that landscaping companies talk to the best mulching equipment replacement parts supplier.
  • Keep the Machinery Running:  Just like you have to change a car’s tires throughout its life to keep it running, landscaping companies have to get replacement tips and wear plates for mulching machines to keep them running.  Grinders take more wear than tires though.  Instead of rubber designed to roll across the surface of asphalt with some “stickiness,” a mulching machine has metal parts tearing into wood waste.  This is a recipe for a lot of wear for even the best-maintained machine.  Replacement wear plates for mulching machines are necessary throughout the grinder’s life, as are replacement tips & screens/grates for mulching machines.
Get the Best Mulching Equipment Parts Supplier
If your company deals with a lot of land clearing or a lot of wood waste, you’ll want to get into mulching.  Mulching is the best way to kill many birds with one stone.  You’ll take care of all the wood waste you have to handle, prevent erosion, maintain soil quality and drainage patterns, and do the environmentally responsible thing.  Whether you’re getting into mulching or already run a tub or horizontal grinder, you’re going to need to have the best mulching equipment parts supplier so that you always have the parts you need when you need them and can keep your business running.  To learn more about the benefits of mulching to prevent erosion of cleared land, visit or call 800-982-2844.