Komptech Americas sends equipment to Florida and Texas

Posted on: Oct 04, 2017 - 01:35 PM | General
Author: Staff
 Komptech Americas,  out of Westminster, Colorado, is sending its inventory of high-torque shredders for debris cleanup to the areas affected by Hurricanes Irma and Harvey in much of Texas and Florida. Six machines in total, a combination of Komptech Terminators and Komptech Crambos, have been sent to help cleanup efforts.   

“We knew these states would need all available machines,” says Todd Dunderdale of Komptech Americas. “We began prepping our inventory to send out immediately. Though both states were hit by hurricanes, the damage each state faced was drastically different. The flooding in Texas required processing household debris, so we sent the Komptech Terminator, our high torque, single shaft shredder designed specifically for this task. In Florida, we were dealing with wind damage and processing a large amount of green waste and trees. In this case, the dual shaft Crambo was the best shredder for the job, especially with the high degree of palm shredding required.” 
Komptech has been manufacturing equipment since 1992. Its product range includes more than 30 different machines for waste handling, including shredders, windrow turners, star screens, trommel screens, wind sifters and separation technology.

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Source: www.cdrecycler.com/article/kopmtech-americas-sends-equipment-to-florida-and-texas/