How is buying or selling heavy used equipment like buying or selling a house?

Posted on: May 02, 2016 - 06:00 AM | Buying Recycling Equipment
Author: Wayne Brown
Buying or selling used heavy equipment is almost like buying or selling a house.

If you’re selling, your realtor will come in and tell you to fix all the minor and major issues.  The realtor or equipment broker will also ask you about issues that may be hidden.  Come clean and deal with these issues.  It will prevent headaches if and when it does sell.  You’ll get more for your house/used heavy equipment if you do.  If you don’t fix it, any potential buyer will look at the problems and will assume that this is just the tip of the ice berg.  “How many hidden problems lurk beneath the surface?” is a common question and quickly turns off a potential buyer.  No one wants to buy junk.

On the other hand, a used and well maintained piece of equipment is saleable.  If you have maintenance records that you can provide to further prove the care of your equipment, you’ll definitely increase the salability of your tub or horizontal grinder.

If you are buying a tub or horizontal grinder, just like a house, you’ll be looking for high wear or broken items. Buyers need to make the effort to go see the used heavy equipment for themselves and satisfy that it will meet their needs.  Naturally, you would ask the seller to fix the items and prove that the equipment works to its standard.  Oil tests can help insure that there are no foreign objects in the oil.  

You wouldn’t buy a house to live in without first seeing it in person.  Don’t make the same mistake with used heavy equipment that is supposed to create income.