Become More Efficient-The Importance of Maintenance

Posted on: May 11, 2019 - 11:00 AM | Best Practices
Author: Staff
In our research with grinding companies, we discovered that equipment downtime can negatively impact revenues by as much as 36%. Downtime can result in lost jobs and worse, even clients.
Tub & Horizontal Grinding equipment owners shared that the biggest reason for down time was not following a scheduled maintenance plan and having easy access to replacement wear parts. Delays that result from having to wait for new parts to arrive or having to deal with unscheduled maintenance can be costly. 
Keep Your Equipment Operating at Optimum Performance
Although 87% of companies say they consider maintenance extremely or very important, only an embarrassing 7% are satisfied with their maintenance plan and performance. In addition to costly downtime, this mistake can also lead to decreased production and potential injury.
Unfortunately, with economic uncertainty and challenges most monitoring and maintenance plans have gone by the wayside translating into slower operation, lower capacity, and increased labor and fuel costs.
There are 78% of small businesses that say rising costs are the most significant threat to their company. Another 66% say profit margins have been affected by cost increases over the past 3 years.
With operating expenses continuing to rise and a spike in fuel cost of over 300% in the last 15 years, it is critically important that your Tub & Horizontal Grinding equipment is operating at its optimum level of performance. Worn wear parts can dramatically increase fuel costs due to equipment not operating at peak performance. 
Think Like a Racing Team
An expert racing team knows when to pull their car into a pit stop and have maintenance performed often anticipating challenges before they arise. They know exactly what tires/parts to have on hand based on the conditions to reduce delays and improve results.
From our research, the most successful grinding companies operate like a great racing team. Having a team of specialists on your side will ensure your equipment is operating at peak performance while avoiding delays and downtime. 
Now, without adding employees or additional overhead you have an opportunity to have an expert team behind you to ensure your success.
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