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How to Produce the Right-Sized Finished Material from Your Tub or Horizontal Grinder

Posted on: May 07, 2018 - 09:00 AM | General
There are many different sizes of finished material that can be produced from your grinder. And, as any experienced machine operator knows, there are different methods for getting there and factors that have to be taken into consideration that will affect the end product. Client Preference Horizontal Grinder   The size of finished material that your grinder produces depends mainly on the needs of the client. Usually the end user dictates what finished product they desire and then it is up to the grinding operation team to modify the screen hole size and the grinding p... More

Boots on the ground in Puerto Rico

Posted on: Dec 13, 2017 - 11:24 AM | General
Boots on the Ground! Apollo Equipment & Grinder Wear Parts is on site in Puerto Rico helping & assisting in the massive devastation and cleanup efforts! Here are some photos of the many yards doing clean up and recovery. This is only 1/3 of the entire yard, green waste and debris as far as the eye can see. Tracked Horizontal Grinders are getting the job done! One challange facing cleanup efforts are contaminants mixed in waste debris, slowing production to around 200yrd/hr.

2017 Paul Bunyan Show Highlights

Posted on: Oct 09, 2017 - 03:44 PM | General
2017 Paul Bunyan Show - The Original American Forestry Show October 5th - 7th 2017 - Cambridge Ohio   Apollo Equipment and Grinder Wear Parts took part in the 2017 Paul Bunyan Original American Forestry Show. Turn out was the largest in years indicating a growing wood-waste and recycling industry!! It was a great event for Manufactures and Companies of all shapes and sizes, plus the general public was able to see heavy equipment in action! Belo... More

Komptech Americas sends equipment to Florida and Texas

Posted on: Oct 04, 2017 - 01:35 PM | General
 Komptech Americas,  out of Westminster, Colorado, is sending its inventory of high-torque shredders for debris cleanup to the areas affected by Hurricanes Irma and Harvey in much of Texas and Florida. Six machines in total, a combination of Komptech Terminators and Komptech Crambos, have been sent to help cleanup efforts.      “We knew these states would need all available machines,” says Todd Dunderdale of Komptech Americas. “We began prepping our inventory to send out immediately. Though both states were hit by hurricanes, the damage each sta... More

Hurricane Irma Clean Up

Posted on: Sep 20, 2017 - 10:10 AM | General
As always; whether it be heavy equipment machines or the wear parts which keep them operational, we are here to help! Phone us at 1-800-827-0401.    Hurricane Irma left behind fallen trees, limbs and trash from damaged buildings on private and public property. Don’t wait to clean up storm damage. Document damage with photos or videos. Workers have begun picking up the tons of debris dumped on streets, highways, curbsides and from private yards. Federal and state aid will help pay for removing debris from public property.    This guide can assist you in clean u... More